Aviation, Aerospace & Defense

The newly constructed terminal at Dabolim airport is an enabler for enhanced air traffic. In order to rapidly expand this traffic, the Government plans to announce a policy which will incentivize the creation of an airline hub at Dabolim airport. This will encourage airlines to operate more flights in and out of Dabolim, thereby increasing the flow of tourist and business visitors into Goa from existing and new destinations. This will undoubtedly strengthen the sustainability and growth prospects of Dabolim airport.

Notwithstanding this, the government is acutely aware of the limitations of Dabolim on account of it being a naval airport. Keeping in mind the long term growth requirements, the Government is planning to set up a new airport at Mopa. The airport is being designed to handle 4 million passengers, in addition to the 4 million capacity at Dabolim to create a total capacity of 8 million by 2018. The airport facility will contain a cargo hub as well as MRO facilities. With this large facility coming up, the Government of Goa is encouraging synergistic investments in the following areas of aviation and aerospace

a. Research & Development;
b. Engineering design and technology solutions;
c. Manufacturing of components;
d. Assembly and testing;
e. MRO facilities.

With large scale procurement by the Defense Ministry, Government of India and changes in the procurement policy, there is expected to be exponential growth in indigenous production of defense equipment in India. With its logistical advantage, the Government of Goa encourages Indian and foreign (through co-development, joint ventures and co-production) defense product and component manufacturers, and Research & Development ventures in the defense space.

In order to promote the sector, the Government is taking the following initiatives

a. Introduction of courses on aviation, aerospace and defense in the educational institutions in Goa;

b. The Government will allow, through suitable notification, construction of private terminals/jetties as well as improve infrastructure at existing jetties which can be utilized by the units for import of raw material and export of finished goods;

c. The Government will create a logistics hub including warehousing, container depot, cold storage facilities and linkage to port, road and rail infrastructure.