Integrated Educational Hubs

Goa presents several advantages for educational institutions

a. A long coastline, lush landscape, geographical and ecological diversity and cultural richness, make Goa an attractive proposition for any student. Brand Goa is well known in India and internationally;

b. The law & order situation in Goa is very good;

c. Goa is well connected to the rest of the country by air, rail, sea and road;

d. The Eleventh Finance Commission ranked Goa as the best state for infrastructure;

e. Goa has one of the best banking services in India, with a ratio of 3180 people per commercial bank branch.

The following initiatives are being planned to encourage setting up of integrated educational hubs

a. The Government encourages integrated educational hubs offering a variety of high-quality courses from K-12 to advanced post-graduate courses.

b. The Government will support institutions of global repute interested in setting up satellite standalone campuses in Goa.