Knowledge Based Industry, R & D Centers & Financial Services

Knowledge industry, R&D centers and financial services would broadly include

a. Research & development in the areas such as life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, engineering, engineering product development;
b. Outsourced activities in the areas of legal outsourcing, engineering outsourcing, medical outsourcing and other similar knowledge-based outsourcing;
c. Equity research, business & market research, design services, consultancy, animation;
d. Information Technology (IT), Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS) units. This includes IT software, IT services and IT enabled Services / Animation & Gaming/Digital Entertainment and IT Engineering Services companies;
e. Financial services;
f. Any other activity where the key business of the entity is obtaining and using specialized knowledge to provide high quality and valuable output.

The Government of Goa is keen on attracting such companies and will, through suitable implementation models, undertake construction of green, intelligent buildings with plug and play infrastructure. It is envisaged that the buildings will be in a ‘ready to use’ state for any small and mid-sized knowledge based industry to establish itself. Initially, a 1,000 seat capacity building will be set up. The Government is evaluating various modes for implementation, including private participation for the setting up of such infrastructure.

The Government plans to encourage local youth to enter knowledge based industries by offering more post-graduate and doctoral courses in various streams. This will include offering scholarships to deserving students pursuing such streams.

The Government also plans to set up an incubation center to cater to the requirements of the IT industry.