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View of GOA-IPB


The mission of the Government of Goa for economic development includes

  1. Environmentally sustainable industrial development to be ensured while accelerating investment in the state.
  2. Sustainable employment for the people of Goa, without impacting cultural identity.
  3. Existing industry in Goa to be competitive.
  4. Infrastructure enablers to be available and reliable.
  5. Governance structure that is transparent, seamless and pro-active.

The objectives of this policy are

  1. Creating 50,000 jobs in the next five years;
  2. Facilitating Rs. 25,000 crore of new investment into Goa in the next five years;
  3. Providing high quality logistics infrastructure to industries;
  4. Providing 24*7 high-quality power supply and quality core infrastructure to industries;
  5. Using innovative and socially acceptable mechanisms to make land available for industrial development;
  6. Setting up an Investment Promotion Board and bringing clarity to roles and responsibilities of Goa IDC, EDC, DITC¸GEDC, ITG and GTDC;

This policy also aims at providing guidance for policies in other investment areas from the primary sector, and for creation of the institutional framework for facilitating investments in the thrust areas and other areas decided by the Investment Promotion Board/Government of Goa on an ongoing basis.

To be an aspirational investment destination, by making business a pleasure, for best in class manufacturing, knowledge-based, tourism, entertainment and other service industries while improving the environmental and social indicators of the state.