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Relevant Notification
  • The state of Goa is committed to provide a hassle-free experience to its investors and encourage growth of industry.
  • Goa Single Window System is an initiative of the Government of Goa to provide a one-stop-shop to all its business users and new investors.
  • Various G2B services have been made available under single registration with new services getting added steadily.
  • Goa Investment Promotion & Facilitation Board is the Single Window agency for the state where businesses can go for facilitation and to get answers to their business-related queries.
  • In addition to online services, within the Single Window users can find:

Know your Approval Info Wizard is a series of questions designed to help prospective investors identify the pre-establishment and pre-operation approvals required to setup business in Goa.

  • To view public consultations register yourself on goaonline.gov.in and click on policy feedback under notification section
  • Public Consultation is increasingly concerned with the objective of gathering information to facilitate the drafting of higher quality regulation. It involves actively seeking the opinions of interested and affected groups. It is a two-way flow of information, which may occur at any stage of regulatory development, from problem identification to evaluation of existing regulation. Consultation improves the quality of rules and programmes and also improves compliance and reduces enforcement costs for both governments and citizens subject to rules.
  • Regulation and its reforms affect all the participants in civil society, and therefore, in order to better assess the impacts and minimise costs, all the parts involved should be able to participate somehow in the regulatory processes. That is where public consultation has become one of the best tools to improve quality in regulation.
  • Consultation increases the level of transparency and it may help to improve regulatory quality by: − Bringing into the discussion the expertise, perspectives, and ideas for alternative actions of those directly affected; Helping regulators to balance opposing interests; Identifying unintended effects and practical problems. Using pre-notification it is possible to foresee more easily the consequences of some planned policies, becoming one of the most productive ways to identify administrative burdens; Providing a quality check on the administration’s assessment of costs and benefits; Identifying interactions between regulations from various parts of government;
  • Consultation processes can also enhance voluntary compliance for two reasons: first because changes are announced in a timely manner and there is time to adjust to changes, and second because the sense of legitimacy and shared ownership that gives consultation motivate affected parties to comply.
  • Consultation can also have some impact if it is used for amending legislation. Changing legislation using public consultation is more difficult and time-consuming than when amending less formal government policy documents.