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Government of Goa, India

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who we are

Established in the year 2014, Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (Goa-IPB) has been mandated by the Government of Goa for promoting and facilitating investments in the State of Goa. The Board provides and/or facilitates approvals from the Government of Goa and its entities, and also provides assistance in obtaining clearances from the Central Government or its entities.

IPB is the investment promotion agency of the state and the single point of contact for all new, existing and prospective business users operating in the state of Goa. IPB is the single window agency for all G2B services.

Goa – IPB is empowered to oversee and direct the Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce (DITC), Goa Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC), Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. (GTDC), Economic Development Corporation Ltd. (EDC), Infotech Corporation Goa Ltd. (ITG) and other concerned bodies towards speedy processing of investment proposals and investor facilitation. Till date Goa-IPB has been responsible for approval of more than 185 major investment projects in the state of Goa.

what we do

The Goa Investment Promotion Board (Goa-IPB) broadly performs the following key functions:

  1. Review and evaluation of all eligible investment proposals meeting of the “Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation of Single Window Clearance Act, 2021. Final decision is granted by the Board
  2. Draft approval process, guidelines and SOPs for new investments; review and modify these processes on an ongoing basis
  3. Appoint Sub-Committee for evaluation and clearance of investment proposals, “Goa Investment Promotion and Facilitation of Single Window Clearance Act, 2021
  4. Assign point Investment Officers for all projects approved by the Board
  5. Appoint and manage satellite consultants

6. Facilitate obtaining of approvals for investors’ to set up their units in Goa

7. Identification and recommendation of areas to be notified as IPA

8. Promote the State as an investment destination nationally and internationally

9. Provide feedback and suggest interventions to the Government of Goa on investment climate, policy and regulatory environment on an ongoing basis

10. Identify infrastructure gaps hindering investment growth in Goa on an ongoing basis and suggesting short, medium and long-term rolling plans to the Government to bridge the gaps

11. Provide dispute and grievance redressal mechanism for investors


Ms Swetika Sachan, IAS

Chief Executive Officer

Investment Officer 1

Investment Officer 2

Administration Officer

Investment Officer 3

Ms Swetika Sachan, IAS

Chief Executive Officer

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Shri. Vishant Pilarnkar

Investment Relations Officer

Shri. Sadashiv Pandit

Administration Officer

Shri. Ramchandra Prabhu Salgaonkar

Investment Officer

Ms. Swati Naik

Investment Officer

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